“I" am filmed!

Wow! “I" am filmed on MTR: http://www.eprice.com.tw/funky/talk/19/3920! Funny… I start to believe sometimes our multiverses do cross each other’s.

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Filed under That's life 浮世繪

2 responses to ““I" am filmed!

  1. Ha… someone actually thinks that is me! Wow… interesting…
    Um… well, I need to mention here that we do need to pray for the well-being of the gentleman… please!

  2. SDD

    看起來有點傻氣 可是還相當有節制 哈哈 面對地鐵員工的圍剿還能忍住手腳
    動作都不即身 呵~ 很明顯他也很懂理智



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