I got a new toy late last summer. It’s a Macbook Pro 15″. Unlike the Windows, this thing is much more responsive to job requests. And, the screen is big enough for me to see clearly without glasses at my age. Mac has provided as usual loads of useful applications for you to play around with your life. It stores pictures and movies in an efficient, yet a proprietary way. Well, as long as you would stick to Apple, who cares what is proprietary, right?

Um…, this is not a promo for Apple, but I just want to say my MBP is a perfect companion to my new gadget obtained recently. This new toy is an ebook reader by iriver: the Story. To optimize the use of which, I went online to search for ebooks to fill up the space. Now I’m carrying it around with around a hundred books that I think I’ll never finish them all. Greediness is said to be an evil nature of every sentient being. So, without exception, I keep on searching for online resources so as to satisfy my desire but not my needs to maintain a handful of resources to supplement my research job to take. Last weekend, I jumped at a new website that hosts lots of teachings by HHDL XIV in Dharamsala! Alas! These teachings are delivered in both audio and video formats. So, you are encouraged and strongly recommended to take a look and download whatever topics which is of interest to you.

Among all, the dialogues between HHDL XIV and a group of scientists, including a few Nobel Laureats, made in late 2009 are really fascinating. These dialogues helped to fill in the gap between metaphysics and physics and discussed “in depth" on consciousness/mind from both Buddhist and scientific perspectives. In particular, they addressed about the “limitation" of consciousness physically on one hand and discussed the “unlimited potential" of consciousness religously on the other.

Here is the link: click here. Enjoy! Don’t forget to click on the items under “Browse Webcasts" on the right for more!



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