Higher state aim

I was once a stubborn beliver that there are justifiable human life “sacrifices" for higher state aim and was once a strong supporter of the late Chairman Mao. My haphazard wandering into the realm of religious studies converted me totally to become a human being once again. The words of Medvedev, present president of Russia, are remarkable when he commented about the doings of Stalin. Russians are lucky enough now to live under a humanitarian leadership.


From Internet:

“I am convinced that the memory of national tragedies is as sacred as those of victories," Medvedev said in a posting on his videoblog to mark Friday’s national day of remembrance for the victims of political repression.

“Even now, you hear it said that the huge losses were justified by some kind of higher state aim," Medvedev said.

“No development of a country, none of its successes or ambitions can be reached at the price of human losses and grief. Nothing can be put higher than the value of human life.

“For repressions there is no justification," he said.



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