Cowboy’s Ten Commandments

— From Internet, by Edd Hust —

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I have difficulty understanding the Holy Bible’s written word. So when I read the following article taken from USA Today’s March 10, 2003 edition, it was just too good not to pass along to everyone. It was a large article on two Cowboy churches in Texas. They printed the Cowboy’s Ten Commandments posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Fairlie, TX.
Just think if we all used these instead of the one with all the “shalt nots” in it, we could probably understand and live up to them much better.

Cowboy’s Ten Commandments

1/ Just one God.
2/ Honor yer Ma and Pa.
3/ No telling tales or gossipin’.
4/ Git yourself to Sunday meeting.
5/ Put nothin’ before God.
6/ No foolin’ around with another fellow’s gal.
7/ No killin’.
8/ Watch yer mouth.
9/ Don’t take what ain’t yers.
10/ Don’t be hankerin’ for yer buddy’s stuff.



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