What do you think of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a remote name of a remote country. If there’s no Tamil Tigers fights against the government, Sri Lanka and Colombo will never enjoy the sort of “popularity" that it now has.

I’ve worked at this gem-like island at the south-east of India for a couple of years and I think I have fallen in love with her. According to a recent statistics, almost 70% of the 20 millions in the country are Buddhists. The belief has turned the Lankans more adorable, less deceitful.

The general climate of the island is tropical. Strange enough is when you have a chance to go uphill to an area called Nurawa Eliya (~2,000 ft above sea level, the main tea plantation area), you will find yourself in Britain instead!

The photos are not well organized because of (1) my time, and (2) insufficient support of album administration by faces.com. Yet these are records of my recent trip with my family and friend to this lovely place in Dec ’07. See for it, hear for it, and you’ll know…

– a copy from my other blog at faces.com



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