Crazy stocks

Most people in the region have gone mad for months to look for their fortune in the stock market. This reminds me the case for property market before 1997. Believe it or not, I am “unluckily” among the few exceptions. I must confess that part of the reason for not being on the boat is lack of money. As a Buddhist, I live with the rule of “cause-and-effect.” So, even when I have something to spare, I won’t find myself as enthusiastic as other people do.

Stock market provides us essentially a zero-sum game platform. (Yes, I agree that this is not quite exactly the picture, but I mean it is essentially the case.) The only takers will be the agents. All other players are either winner or loser at one time or another. I personally reckon stock market as the place where we get our long overdue debts settled!

Having that said, I still have to deal with my mundane life of eating and sleeping, and, of course, ways to save money. is an interesting website that provides me other knowledge of the world beyond ours. A couple of weeks earlier, they wrote about 76 foolish ways to save money. Funny and interesting.


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2 responses to “Crazy stocks

  1. Colee

    I entirely agree with your saying that “as a Buddhist, I live with the rule of “cause-and-effect.” So, even when I have something to spare, I won’t find myself as enthusiastic as other people do."

    I share the same feeling. I had once an experience that I was at the verge of extreme proverty and I succeeded getting a new job that saved me from further “unbearableness". I should be hilarious or at least happy. But amazingly I feel nothing at the time when I received the news and/or signing the contract.

    By then, I realize there is nothing much worth happiness/sadness or our emotions in this world. Even though fear has always been a feeling I can’t conquer or still exist/co-exist with me, within me, deeply inside me, I knew that one day I need to say goodbye to this monster as well.

    I’m saying bye to a lot of earthly entanglement step by step. Some clings on to me very tight, making me suffer. Some is fading fast, some is fading slow. Everyday, I have this wish and this has been the main driver for me to keep going on in all these sufferings of ‘having’ and ‘losing’, that is the wish to get out of this cycle of re-incarnation.

  2. Hi, Colee,

    Thank you for your frank sharing. We all have had hard times. I think, we have passed those tests, and yet are waiting for more to come. I believe those tests actually are windows allowing us to have a glimpse of the ‘truth’ (of our lives). When we have found us the time to piece them up, an even better picture will be revealed.

    You know, our conception about this mundane world is in fact based on ‘duality’ that we were taught as ‘truths’ ever since we were born: the ‘dual of good and evil’, the ‘dual of light and darkness’, the ‘dual of beauty and ugly’, the ‘dual of wealth and poverty’, and so on, and so forth. All these add up to the world we see, we touch, we smell, we feel, and, more importantly, all these tell us that they are all REAL…

    Lao-tzu said, “For Tao (wisdom) is depletion; For knowledge is accumulation". The eventual giving-away of the mundane attachments will no doubt be good starts to get us closer to the ultimacy (of Tao; or enlightenment).

    Keep it up and all the best.

    Take care,


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