What have you learnt?

I like to repeat this time and time again: the poor are wonderful. The poor are very kind. They have great dignity. The poor give us more than what we give them.

In many countries besides Calcutta, we have homes for the terminally ill and destitute. One day I found an old lady on the streets of Calcutta who gave me the impression that she was dying of hunger. I offered her a dish of rice. She kept looking at it as if she were in a trance.

I tried to encourage her to eat it, but she simply answered, “I can’t… I can’t believe it is rice. I have not had anything to eat in a very long time."

She did not curse anyone. She did not complain about the rich.

She did not utter a word of reproach. She simply could not believe that it was rice. And she could no longer eat!

— Mother Teresa, “In My Own Words"



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