Barnado’s, We believe…

在英逗留期間閱報發現了一個新型慈善組織:Barnado’s,它的口號是:Believe in Children,很是被它吸引。今天終於花了點時間看了一下它過去所做的事情,雖然營運成本頗高(達14%),但所做的將會為未來的社會帶來深遠的影響。



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2 responses to “Barnado’s, We believe…

  1. Colee

    Recently I’m seriously thinking about a project – a project to help those divorced housewives/ single moms/ grassroot who looks for jobs/ income from employers who are socially responsible; who looks for a chance of turning their lives back.

    What I want to do is to seek funding to start what they call the socially responsible corporate. They are normally business operations, SMEs, funded by commercial corporates, aiming to provide a chance for thoses low-skilled workers to assume respectable, decent lives.

    Any sources of aid you may have probably heard of?

  2. Hi Colee,

    Not much I have ever heard of. That’s why I tried to start my own business some ten years ago and hoped to turn it to become a social enterprise. Yet, of course, that turned out to be a total failure.

    Well, recently, someone invited me to start our own NGO. I haven’t made up my mind yet. May discuss with you further when I return.

    Take care,


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