Compassion and Wisdom

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was one of the important figures in the 20th century. She is among the few ‘saints’ I admire in my life. Her determination and devotion were so great and genuine that you can feel even through reading her works. As a Buddhist, I often think, umm…, what the hell am I actually doing? She is definitely a bodhisattva to me.
She said once that:
God doesn’t require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.”
Doesn’t that sound a bell?

The following joke about Mother Teresa is inspiring:

Mother Teresa Goes to Heaven
Mother Teresa died and went to heaven.
God greets her at the Pearly Gates. “Are you hungry, Mother Teresa?” says God.
“I could eat,” Mother Teresa replies.
So God opens a can of tuna and reaches for a chunk of rye bread and they share it.
While eating this humble meal, Mother Teresa looks down into Hell and sees the inhabitants devouring huge steaks, lobsters, pheasants, pastries and wines. Curious, but deeply trusting, she remains quiet. The next day God again invites her to join Him for a meal.

Again, it is tuna and rye bread.
Once again, Mother Teresa can see the denizens of Hell enjoying caviar, champagne, lamb, truffles and chocolates.
Still she says nothing.
The following day, mealtime arrives and another can of tuna is opened.
She can’t contain herself any longer. Meekly, she says: “God, I am grateful to be in heaven with You as a reward for the pious, obedient life I led. But here in heaven all I get to eat is tuna and a piece of rye bread, and in the Other Place they eat like emperors and kings! I just don’t understand.”
God sighs. “Let’s be honest," He says. “For just two people, does it pay to cook?”



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